Insect Control

Is your home or yard plagued with invading ants?

 We have a solution to your ant problem!

If your home or yard is plagued with invading insects, the first step to getting the problem under control is identifying the unique varieties of ant. Our pest control technician will inspect inside and outside of your home to locate all areas of ants. Often the technician will recommend sealing any gaps and crevices in order to prevent ants from entering your home, and he will also recommend any preventive measures you will need to take to reduce the problem. Usually, a combination of baiting and commercial insecticide sprays prove to be an effective approach to most ant problems.



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Are wasps crashing your outdoor BBQ parties?

Eliminate Wasps from your Garden and Patio!

The first thought for many homeowners is to crush wasps, but when wasps are crushed, their bodies release a chemical pheromone that draws other wasps that are close to the nest. A skilled pest control tech from Official Pest Prevention will try to take away the hive or destroy the hive with commercial chemicals sprays. The method used will depend on the severity of the wasp problem close to your home and how many trees, flowers and if there is a forest in your immediate area.


boxes spiderNo need to have spiders around!

Since spiders are arachnids and not insects, they exhibit different mannerisms, which means some of the techniques used to treat insect infestations do not always work for spider problems. When our technician is in your home, they will thoroughly examine the interior and exterior. Any spiders they spot can be killed with a direct spray. The technician may also spray in various areas of the home, which includes the crawl space or basement. To prevent spiders from gravitating to your house, the technician may take away their food source — other bugs — by coping with other pest.