Pigeon Pest Control

Make your bird problem our problem. Pigeons, swallows, starlings, and other nuisance birds carry disease, damage property, and make a mess in both residential and commercial settings. Call or email now for a free inspection and service proposal. You’ll say “We should have done this years ago!”

Typical Bird Service Includes:
  • Property inspection
  • Birds and nesting material removal
  • Nesting area disinfectant and elimination of parasitic insects
  • Screening or netting of infested area to prevent bird return
  • Cleaning of droppings in and around the nesting sites
  • Also available: bird trapping, baiting, preventative spikes, and Hot treatments.

                     What’s the most important part of successful bird control?

Removal of birds can leave unwanted insects, messy nesting material, and unsanitary droppings behind. These conditions can cause problems for property owners long after the birds are gone. Each Nuisance Bird Service by Official Pest Prevention includes: nest removal, treatment for associated insects, and a thorough cleaning with a disinfectant designed to get rid of viruses and transmittable diseases associated with birds and their droppings.