Termite Pest Control

Termite Treatment

Termites can be a serious problem for most home and business owners. Termites can cause havoc to homes and commercial buildings, it is important to have regular termite inspections and make necessary termite repairs.

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Cause of Termites

As a home or business owner one of the first thing you should do is look for any causes of termite infestation at your residence or business. One common problem is plants growing next to the sides of your home where the roots are touching your building. It is therefor important that you weed all plants near the buildings sides. You want to keep water, dirt, trees and flowers from touching the building. Termites live in the dirt and then try to eat their way into your building. If water and dirt are right up against the building, it allows termites easy access to your home, or commercial property.

Termites Loves to eat Wood

woodenTermites love wood,  it is their favorite food! If your backyard deck or fence posts are made of wood, you may have a termite infestation. In order to prevent termite infestation you should make sure the wood in the ground is treated and is in concrete. If it is possible, use juniper or cedar wood which termites do not like. The choice of wood can be more expensive to undertake but it is worth the price if it means your property is safe from termites and termite damage.